Afro Hairstyles

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Afro hairstyles are the kind of hair styles that are very close with the black people term. This started in about sixties era which become more popular around the world in seventies era. This become popular since a black human right activist lets his hair naturally grows into the afro and round shape. This is a way to show the proud feeling of the different of straight hair and black skinned people. Today this hairstyle has become the one of many hairstyles that popular in public. Many people have applied this hairstyle as their hair style in daily life.

In previous era, this hair style is usually applied in black skinned people or even celebrities. This hairstyle has applied in some artists such like Jimi Hendrix and also the Jackson Five. However, as the time passed by, this hairstyle is applied not only in black skinned people but also the white skinned people. As the black skinned people, we can see this hairstyle that is used by the famous singer Bruno Mars. Not only have the celebrities that used this hairstyle, the athletes also used this hairstyle such as the Manchester United’s center back Felaini. This hairstyle is also good to show the classic style in daily life.

10 Photos of the Afro Hairstyles