Best round face hairstyles

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Best hairstyle for round faces
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The question that any hair stylist should be ready to answer at any time is; which hairstyle can best fit the shape of my face? I think I have answered this question many times probably more than my fair share. Needless to say I hope to answer this question in the future just as much as I want to do now.  Today I am exploring on the set hair styles for ladies with the best round face hairstyles. Wider cheek bones are a characteristic of a round face but despite the wider cheek bones, the round face has a great symmetry that every woman should make good use of by fitting it with the best hairstyle. Go for the hairstyle that will offset the wider looking cheek bones as they elongate your face. Here are some of the hairstyles that you should consider to help you embrace your natural beauty.

A Sexy Side Part

The best round face hairstyles is good as it help you create symmetry by making a side part at the centre of either eyebrow. This style creates very nice face flattering angles.  Most if not all ladies I have worked on love face-flattering angles and I certainly know you do.
Bohemian Waves

The bohemian waves are made with a center and super bouncy waves. It is fit for round shaped face as the length of the hair is long enough to keep the face elongated. The longer hair does another important job; it creates more volume at the neck which helps in balancing a narrow chin. To keep the swooping effect, you may have the shortest layer reaching at the chin.

Copper Curls

Copper curls are good for the best round shape face as it give it the best dimension and a rare natural look. The copper curls are broken which gives a casual and romantic touch to it making it a perfect style for a love date. It also creates long bangs which add more beauty to it.

Long Layers

Many ladies love long layers, however if you are a fan be sure to have your layers nicely below the chin. The layers should be angled out to give more space for the face and make it seem elongated. The curls should not be made towards the face as it will close the face even more.

You got covered? There are very many hairstyles that can fit the best round face hairstyles that you can try to make the best out of your round face. Your hair stylist will probably personalize one for you. Keep visiting this site for more on hairstyles. Need I say I am out for coffee?






15 Photos of the Best round face hairstyles

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