Cornrows Hairstyles

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Are you familiar with cornrows hairstyles? This is also well known as rows or braids of your hair, this is actually a Traditional African hairstyle. This style braids the hair close to head scalp from the top to the hair tip continuously. Cornrows can be formed from hair scalp to hair tip in simply way or make it with another models, such as geometric design, or complicated curve shape. This hairstyle can be applied for some weeks without taking off the braids with careful maintenance.

In this modern day, cornrows style is made in any styles and combination. The looks of styles are also great, ranging from simple to complex. If you want to go to party, this style can be applied to show elegant look. The way is braid you left and right hair sides from head scalp, then make a crest on the top or center between the braids. After that, make your back hair large curl with large brush and tighten it with hair pins. Moreover, cornrows also can be made in heart shape. This way is really complex, you have to make a heart shape on your scalp and braid it follow the heart pattern. You have to do it correctly and accurately to get cute final look.

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9 Photos of the Cornrows Hairstyles