Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair
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Long hair is often something to be proud of for a woman, but also brings up the challenge of maintenance. Long hair is not only more expensive to take care of, but also tedious to maintain and keep in order. Here are a few easy hairstyles for long hair that help with control of the flowing locks while ensuring you do not have to spend an ordinate amount of time in front of the mirror preparing to go out.

  • Simple Braid

This is probably the simplest way to manage & easy hairstyles for long hair. Plaiting a long braid to hang at the back or brought forward to the side is a great way to keep the hair in check. While not particularly suited to formal environments it will be a great choice for something casual or outdoors.

  • French Braid

This is a lovely classic style that can seem to some as complicated. It is actually fairly easy to master on your own if you make use of online resources like video tutorials. It is an excellent choice when going out on a casual outing. You can add pizzazz by weaving a colorful ribbon in your hair to match your outfit.

  • Side Ponytail

High ponytails can be problematic for those with long hair, especially if it is curly. The burden is lightened when the hair is tied off lower, and the hair brought over the shoulder. Simply tie the nape and tease the top part of the pony to get the hair to pouf. Use some hairspray to add shine and control.

  • Long Loose Curls

This is a glamour look often seen on the red carpet. It is especially suited to those with fine hair as the large curls help to add volume. Use large rollers on damp hair and spray with hairspray before going under the dryer. Allow the hair to cool while in rollers before removing them, and gently smooth the curls out with a brush to avoid losing the shape. Use a finishing spray to add shine and set the style.

  • Simple and Sleek

This is a great laid-back style for those that have issues with humidity. If you hair volumizes when the heat is on, then this is a simple style that should easily carry you through the day. Let your hair air-dry with a little helps from a round brush to separate the strands. When dried, use a smoothing serum to add shine and protect against humidity. The extra weight of the hair product will also help keep the hair weighed down and straight. Straight trimmed bangs over the forehead can help keep the look simple and cute.

  • Deep Side Part

This is loose look helps to cover up the forehead with side swept bangs, created using a deep part. It works best when you create an uneven curly appearance to the ends of your hair. You can create this look by using a large curling iron on the ends and then using your fingers to separate the strands and rub the hair for a textured result. Use hairspray to add some luster and ensure the hair does not go completely wild. Those with thicker hair may opt to use a flat iron for a sleeker look.

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