Good Haircuts For Men

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Good Haircuts For Men
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Men tend to have limited styling options as they prefer to maintain shorter hair. This often means adhering to styles that work well in both the office and at play. There are some of the more popular good haircuts for men that have stood the test of time in recent years.

Mainstream Hipster

This style has proven highly popular with male celebrities like Sam Smith and Justin Bieber. It’s a highly noticeable look so only opt for this cut if you do not mind drawing attention to yourself. You will need at least three inches of length at the top of the head which you blow dry backwards allowing for a pompadour, and hold in place with spray. The sides can be kept short or medium length.

A variation to this would be the James Dean which requires that the hair at the top to the sides be cut to a ratio of 2:1 and blended. Instead of blow drying however, just comb back the hair while still damp.

The Caesar

This type of good haircuts for men named after Julius Caesar, this classic cut is great for men with long faces, and short and fine hair. It is a low maintenance short crop style that should have the bangs cut very short. Have your hair cut evenly on the sides, with a trim to short length at the top of the head. You can use construction paste as a styler that helps to add texture.

The Beckham

This cut named for a modern day star is a combination of pomp and faux hawk. It works well for men with round faces. Because of its pointy top, should not be used by those with long faces as it will exaggerate their features. The hair to the sides is kept short or medium, with several inches of length at the top. Using styling product on the wet hair, comb the hair upwards and allow it to fall to the center. Use spray to hold the style and give it texture. The hair on the sides should be slicked down against the scalp.

Bed Head

For those who prefer a more casual look and have curlier hair, the bed head is a good haircuts for men. Works well if you want to maintain longer locks. Trim your hair on the sides to about two inches in length and three inches at the top. You can leave it longer at a ratio of 3:2 from the top to side lengths. Make use of hair gel when you hair is damp.

Crew cut

This short crop style works very well for both very curly and straight hair. Celebrities like Will Smith have been very consistent with this look. It is ultra low maintenance and makes for a good option whether you work in a formal or casual environment. Keep the sides really short with the scalp showing and leave the top thicker. If you have a great barber you can have him cut some creative designs on your sides and back of your head.

Faux hawk

For most people, a full Mohawk haircut is too extreme making the faux hawk a great compromise of good haircuts for men. With this cut you will need to trim the sides down short with hair cut to about two inches at the top. You can even blend it down to almost bald at the lowest points along the sides and back.

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12 Photos of the Good Haircuts For Men

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