Hair Color for Long Hair

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Hair Color for Long Hair 04
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Coloring hair is beautiful and stylish. Hair coloring in style has no boundaries and shackles. A hairstyle in a similar way does not have any restrictions and shackles. Women with beautiful hairstyle are attractive and gorgeous, but what about those who go for something different like hair color? They are even bolder and charming. Coloring the hair isn’t adding different shades to the long hair; it is all about style and carrying the same with grace. Hair color for long hair suits better than shorter one.

There are different shades and types of hair color. These depend on upon the volume of the hair colored and location of the hair as well. Here are the most popular hair colors for long hair.


Light shades of colors on the side locks or frontal hair or may be at the layers are considered as highlights. Highlights are not truly coloring of a major portion of hair. It either colors a particular area of hair or particular hair. One can find only a few strands of hairs that are colored. However, that hair color for long hair is not really bad. This is trendy, stylish and of course fashionable.


The hair bangs can be colored and looks absolutely stunning. This is an attention grabber. Moreover, the bangs can be colored with different colors to make it even more interesting. The Rainbow Bangs are very popular.

Dip Dye

This is a unique coloring of the hair. However, the choice of color has to be very sensitive especially for the women in black hair. It must contrast each other. But this is an effective and long lasting hair color for long hair.


This is a color to reduce the blackness of the hair and then try something natural. It basically reduces the over blackness of the hair so as to contrast the hair with different colors.

Baby lights

This is one of the most interesting and featured colorings of hair. This is the hair color for long hair that is trendy, popular, natural, smoother and attractive at the same time.

There are many different ways of using hair color for long hair that a stylist can give, but at the end, all that matters is how it is impacting your hairstyle.

13 Photos of the Hair Color for Long Hair

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