Kim Kardashian Hairstyles —How to Work the Waves

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Kim Kardashian Hairstyles
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Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian hairstyles have become an instantly recognizable face in pop culture. And few things are more iconic about her than those long, wavy layers of glossy black hair. However, that’s not her only look—so let’s take a glance at a few styles from a woman who shows us just how versatile black hair can be.

The hairstyle that we are most familiar with, of course, is leaving those wavy locks open and flowing. While the best way to achieve this is by simply growing your hair long, Kim Kardashian Hairstyles need to turn out in different styles whenever we see her, means that extensions are occasionally necessary on short-hair days. Another easy but foolproof step is cutting her black hair in layers.  While she doesn’t always sport highlights, layers on black hair soften the edges of her angular face and taper gracefully down her back, rather than one large, somewhat flyaway mass. Once cut in layers, you can also easily curl your waves for even more oomph and volume, as she has done on occasion. This hairstyle further complements long faces like Kim’s.

However, we all get bored of the same type and texture of our hair at some point, and Kim Kardashian Hairstyles are no different; that is why, in between her waterfall waves, we have seen her come out with perfectly straightened hair. Now: straight, sleek black hair is stunning in itself but, as with all hairdos, there are other things you must consider before taking this route. Unless your hair is thick or you’re using extensions, styling it straight can make it appear lank and flat, especially when coupled with a center part on a Kim-Kardashian face shape. It’s also a good idea to take body shape into account; Kim’s natural waves are harmonious with her hourglass figure; a style that’s too flat may not necessarily work in her favor. Fortunately, an easy fix for this is to use multiple levels, like cutting the hair in shorter steps and having a fringe or side bangs to offset the forehead height.

Kim’s newest hairstyle takes her image in another direction. With the hair cut bluntly a few inches below the shoulders, this speaks corporate chic rather than cover girl and is therefore a look that fellow black-haired ladies might like to try out. The length is not too long to need a dose of hair spray each day, nor is it too short, which could make Kim’s long neck appear even longer. Bangs create a nice shape for her face, but rounderfaced women can try this as well, simply altering it with front layers and a deep side part.

Just as eye-catching as Kim’s hair let loose is Kim’s hair done up. The length of her hair allows her to try out multiple braided styles from messy, multi-strand fishbone braids to a braided or twisted crown or bun. The layers make a messy updo particularly effective, allowing soft tendrils of hair to curl around her face and ease out the angles, while still looking evening appropriate. On the other end of the scale is her scraped back ponytail. One of her go-to styles for straight hair days, brushing her hair back tightly, then pinning or tying it up leaves no corner of her face to the imagination, and highlights her striking features. Convenient and incredibly classy,  Kim Kardashian Hairstyles up-dos are definitely worth looking into if you want to have some fun with your long hair.

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