Short Afro Hairstyles

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Short afro hairstyles has become popular in seventies era. This is a kind of afro hairstyle but shaped in short length hair. Different with the other hair styles, this hair styles that use the afro style has such kind of specific looks for the user. For an example that comes from the famous R n B singer Bruno Mars, this hair is become more popular because Bruno Mars has inspired his fans in case of the hair style too. Not only the black skinned people that this hairstyle has been identically related, some white skinned people also applied this hair style as their hair style.

Came along with the decreasing of racisms around the world, this afro hairstyle today is acceptable in every class of race. There are many white skinned people that choose this hairstyle in order to get back into the previously seventies era style. This may also good for you who love the classical style to apply this hair style as your hairstyle. There is no mistake if you want to try something new by applying this hairstyle as your hairstyle and it may be good for your stylish looks and also to show off your personality to the others.

11 Photos of the Short Afro Hairstyles