Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Short Pixie Cut
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You may have noticed everyone likes to wear short hairstyles. Short hair feels very comfortable and it can be easily fixed and managed as well. Managing short hairstyles for round faces is convenient and especially suited for different occasions, like wedding, birthdays, meetings and any other special occasions. So if you don’t want to frustrate anymore about your old hairstyle that is so hard to manage, difficult to maintain, it is time for a change. Simply follow some of suggestion enlisted below. These tips and tricks for short hairstyles for round faces will make it easier for you and help you to looks your best while choosing your new look.

1. “Long Layered Hairstyle”

We all know that it’s difficult to determine which short hairstyles are best suited for those who have round faces, and at the same time it’s hard to pick a suitable hairstyle that will make you look slim. It would be a good idea to try out a short hairstyle that is longer in front with the length going below the chin or have a little hair out in the front of the ear and not tuck it back behind. This will make you look more fabulous anytime anywhere.

2. “Inverted Bob Hairstyle”

If you want your hair to become more glamorous for every occasions try this hairstyle. It will help you to appear presentable and formal, it is also easy to maintain because you can just fix your hair by adding volume to it and by using a round brush in a bit towards your hair but before that just simply apply at your roots because it will help more for extra body and volume.

3. “Edge Bob Hairstyle

Some people eagerly want to look fabulous in with their hair style without taking much time to fix their hair. Short hairstyles for round faces bob hairstyle have edgy layers with spiky bang; it will helps for those who have no time to style their hair especially for busy women, because you only need to blow dry your hair using your fingers or just brush and smooth your hair out and add the body from the roots to ends. Try this style if you want an awesome result.
4. Short Layered Hairstyle
If you’re looking for the cutest haircut that will be easy to maintain inside and out of your house, this hairstyle is best for you. The side bangs is perfectly cut for a round face and the layers also help for rounded faces because it will be balanced out by the side bangs and at the same time the layers creates angles at the chin. This short hairstyles for round faces is great for fine to medium and this is so perfect and easy to maintain.

5. Short Bob Hairstyle
Are you looking for the haircut that is not obvious because your face is big or round? You can try this hairstyle because it will help you for that situation through the sided bangs and you can get volume with this style because the sided bangs help you by covering your forehead. The volume at ends of your hair helps you to have a long chin. You can fix and style this by using a round brush, smoothly brush your hair or flatiron to volume your hair at the ends.

6. Bob Cut Hairstyle
A short hairstyle that is popular for some people is the “Bob Cut” because it’s definitely helps your round face look prettier for any formal or informal occasion especially when your bob is long. Women love wearing bob cuts because it’s easy to create and maintain its look the best. You can use the round brush and flat iron for the volume you want to maintain your bob cut style.

7. Short Pixie Cut
Some people love short hair whether their face is big or not because they want to maintain their hair easily. This works and looks great for those who have a soft natural round face also. If your pixie cut is long and you tuck it back behind your ears it is extremely awesome too because it will also emphasize your face. This is easy also to manage by simply blow drying your hair using your fingers and just put wax or gel to create more structure in your hair.

8. Medium Length Layered Hairstyle
Sometimes if you want a new look it relates to the volumes of the hair, you just need to find out the length that brings your personality, most especially for round faces because the layers are like a frame to the face because it gives more feminine look. Layers and some sided bangs is an illusion of more angles to your face and this is also easy to fix, by using flat iron and roller brush for your hair to have the volume that you really want to achieve.

9. Short Curly Hair for Natural Curly Hair
Do you have natural curly hair and a round face and you want to try a short haircut? Well, you first need to get a haircut with your hair dry so that your stylist can make sure that the length will be longer than your chin, go to a professional hairstylist and who is an expert in cutting curly hair. You can also try different styles that will be best suited for you and will also bring an easy way to maintaining your curly hair because it’s natural and all you need to do is to put any mousse and just compress your hair many times using your fingers to stay and have a bouncy curly hair.

10. Asymmetric Long Bob Hairstyle
This asymmetric long bob is perfect. Side tresses and the long side bangs create vertical lines, slimming your face and accentuating your soft facial features. It will help to arrive at the best hairstyle decision, and this makes the bob haircut more convenient still. Simply apply some crème or mouse to your hair and use flat iron whittle smoothly combs your hair.

11. Modern Spunky Haircut
This kind of short hairstyles for round faces helps you in different ways because having a modern spunky haircut is a convenient style for those who have a very sensitive feelings, others want it as perfect all year round short hairstyle for round faces specially perfect for summer as it’s easy to maintain, you don’t need to have a hard time for this just blow dry it or towel dry and put a mousse and well that’s just simply easy and perfect.

12. Softened Bob Haircut
Finding the best look that works on you is very essential. While making your choice from a wide assorted variety of short hair styles for round faces, choose something new that gives your face a nice adorable flattened appearance as this makes you look extremely pretty and feminine with plenty of soft curves and contours which for some reasons always looks better for those who have round face features. It would be good to get your hair cut short but as long to run across the border of your jaw line. This will compliment you and your facial complexion. It very important also to check what is perfect for you so consult your hairstylist. This hair style is easy to maintain regularly by using comb and flat iron.

12 Photos of the Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Softened Bob HaircutShort Curly Hair for Natural Curly HairMedium Length Layered HairstyleShort Pixie CutInverted Bob HairstyleLong Layered HairstyleShort Bob HairstyleModern Spunky HaircutShort Layered Hairstyle