Wavy Hairstyles for Black Hair

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Wavy Hairstyles
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If you are a wavy-haired woman, you know that it’s quite a great place on the hair-type spectrum. The little bit of bounce in your locks gives you more volume than if you had the same thickness of straight hair. Waves are easier to manage than corkscrew curls or kinks so whether you’re simply combing it out, trying an up do, straightening or curling it, it doesn’t take as long. However, you do have to deal with issues like straggling hair if it’s thin or having a big, puffy mane if your hair is very thick—which looks great on some people but can be hard to manage. Also, you’ll always need a wide-tooth comb at hand since a breeze or a bit of physical activity can end up in a flurry of fly-away and tangles.

When getting a haircut, you want a style that you can maintain easily. You also have to bear in mind that there are many kinds of wavy hair, from light ripples to very dense, sharp waves that have a similar effect to wiry curls, so not every style that claims to fit wavy hair may suit you. But with the right cut, black wavy hair can look very dramatic indeed, whether it’s super short, grazing the shoulders or brushing the waist.

Short Wavy Hairstyles for Black Hair:

Cutting wavy hair close to the head will give you an all over mop of lightly curving locks that you can leave that way or set in a retro Miranda Priestly style, from “The Devil Wears Prada.”  If you have smaller waves on straighter hair, you end up with a messy pixie. As with most very short ‘dos, these work best if you have a round or heart-shaped face with a tapered jawline.

A slightly longer hairstyle is the front-layered bob. Since the hair skims the chin-line, it frames squarer, straighter faces and the layers can be brushed inwards or flicked away. If you have thin hair, this can add a little more volume at the top of your head. A side-parted straight bob also works for this purpose; just remember to alternate or change the part around to prevent thinning in one area. If you have medium to thicker hair, you can go for a center part bob as well.

Medium Wavy Hairstyles for Black Hair:

Very wavy hair is very good at balancing your face whether it’s thick or thin since it puffs around the face regardless. The trick lies in shaping it. For oval or triangular faces, hair cut straight just below the shoulder complements a pointed chin and can be worn with a thick fringe or softly layered bangs.

If you have a shorter, rounder face, skip the bangs and the blunt ends for staggered layers that create a top heavy tapering effect, softening and curling down your shoulders.

Long Wavy Hairstyles for Black Hair:

Long, luxurious, rippling tresses are a classic motif for beauty—on black hair, they’re even more glamorous. However, if you want to make the most of your waves, try to avoid blunt ends and go for textured ends that taper to a ‘V’ or ‘U’ shape to keep it from looking too flat. If you have thick hair a good way to counter it from looking like a bushy mane is to chop the front off into bangs. Don’t have a long forehead? No problem: a shorter face looks great with front layers or side bangs and the rest cascading down your back.  You can also shape the rest of the hair into steps to make it more manageable.

Conversely, thinner wavy hair works best with less layering to prevent wispy ends.  If you want a different look, though, one option is to cut steps to frame the face and neck, and then layer and texture the ends, finishing off at the center of your back.

11 Photos of the Wavy Hairstyles for Black Hair

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